Farm tractors are incredibly important tools in the hands of farmers and for many of them it’s the most important farming equipment that they could invest in. Finding the best farm tractor is not as easy a job as one might think, since you have to take into account what it’s going to be used for. The best tool for a job is something specialized, not a universal model. If you’re interested in something easy to use, for small jobs, getting a compact model which can be easily stored and moved around is ideal. If you want to use it for hard work around the farm and lifting or pulling big loads, go with something bigger and more powerful.

As you can see, picking which is the best farm tractor is no easy job, but we’ll try to find it. Take a look at the reviews of tractors available on this site, to find out what we think of the different models available on the market. You can select from the sidebar reviews of different tractor brands, with multiple models of tractors available in each of them.

Best Farm TractorChoosing a new farm tractor is no easy task. You will have to depend on that tractor for a long time, so if you don’t choose right, it will just make life tougher. Take into consideration everything when you’re choosing the best model for your situation, from the amount of power you need, to the place where it will be stored, what kind of work it will have to do and the budget you have to work with.

When you’re looking through the best farm tractors, trying to decide which one is right for you, knowing what you will need it to do is one thing that might set them apart. Tractors can be used for planting fields, tilling, ploughing, clearing bushes, spreading fertilizer and doing lawn maintenance and care. What do you need your tractor to do? It should influence your decision, since there aren’t really tractors that can do everything well.

Best Farm Tractors Available Today

Field ploughing was the only method people could use up to some point in the past, when the tractors stepped in as a manifest of the technological advances, which considerably lowered the human manual labor and eased people’s working the lands.

Farming tractors can be broken down in several categories which will be presented in the following paragraphs.

Every tractor is different from another from several points of view. No matter if it’s a specific set of characteristics, or simply its brand, before investing in such a farming machine it is best for the ones interested to do some research so that they know which farm tractor would suit best their needs.

Power: The power of a tractor is a good element to pay attention to when considering farming tractors, as the need for heavy machinery on one’s farm should point on in the direction of heavy duty manufacturers.

Mileage: On the other hand, depending on how limited the needs for a farm are, it can be the case of considering the agricultural equipments area, as this is where tractors for smaller farms can be located.

Economic aspect: Crop production efficiency can be achieved by turning to high yield tractors for farms, even if the farms are small. A proper research can reveal good solutions for this type of farm tractors.

Each tractor category comes with its own brands. Depending on each one’s needs and available resources, some cost effective machines can be the right answer in some cases, just as powerful, expensive tractors can be the best solution in other cases. In this important economic branch – the agriculture – tractors came to reduce the time spent by people to work the soil, as well as to increase productivity of the crops. Bearing this in mind, it is important to research all the tractor brands and their characteristics in order to find the one that suits a certain set of requirements of the people who will use them. Popularity, area of interest, ranking, geographical location are factors that can recommend one tractor brand as being the best choice, while a different combination of these factors will be more suitable for another brand.

John Deere Tractors

This tractor brand is probably the most popular brand worldwide and there is a very high demand for John Deere tractors and adjacent agricultural tools and equipment.


One of the most respected manufacturers of farm tractors, John Deere, has been around for a very long time, with its beginnings going back to 1837. From the small blacksmith of those beginnings, this manufacturer grew in time to the mammoth that employs more than 56,000 people. Whatever your needs might be, chances are that a tractor from them will do the job. You will find small ones with less than 20HP, but you will also find behemoths with engines of over 500HP. As long as you take good care of a John Deere farm tractor, you’ll have it forever. If we’d have to recommend just one brand to look at, we’d have to go with this one. They make good tractors, reliable and easy to learn how to use.

It is not only tractors and tools that John Deere makes available, but also other machines such as forage harvesters, seed drill, sugarcane harvesters, combines, manure spreader, cotton pickers, field sprayer, etc. With the administrative central point in Illinois, US, John Deere has multiple branches opened in other countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Italy in Europe, China and India in Asia, Australia, Mexico and Canada, where over one thousand people are employed.


Another well known manufacturer of farm tractors is Ford. They were the first ones to create a light tractor, in 1916, and its name was Model F. Every farmer could afford to buy one because it was cheap and easy to operate, thanks to the lightness. Ford 2000 and 5000 are two examples of modern tractors that should be considered.



McCormick Tractors address their farming machines to a wide range of requirements and uses, applying some unique design patterns to the machines without interfering negatively with the quality and functional parameters.

  New Holland Farm Tractors

This is an international company founded in New Holland in 1895, initially with the name of FordNew-Holland-tractor Farm Tractors. This was only later on changed to New Holland.

With the headquarters in Europe, more precisely in Turin, Italy, New Holland also has production plants located in over one hundred countries in several continents such as Asia, North America, South America and, of course, Europe. The final operations take place in South Africa, Turkey (Istanbul), India (New Delhi), Russia (Moscow), Thailand, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


This company was founded in 1913 and managed to take the lead of the farm tractors market in Europe by making a wide range of tractors available for the ever changing needs in the agricultural and industrial branches. Claas have their headquarters settled in Germany, at Harsewinkel.

Mahindra Tractors

The Mahindra Tractors branch is part of the Mahindra & Mahindra, which is a company to deal with farm tractor machines exports all around the world. China, Australia, India and the United States of America are the top selling markets for Mahindra products. In India, Mahindra areMahindra-Tractor the top tractors manufacturing company. To better perform in the USA markets and also for marketing purpose, they named their United States division ‘Mahindra USA’, having their two production plants in the US located in California at Red Bluff and in Texas at Houston. They did the same for Australia, renaming their branch there as Mahindra Australia, but not limiting the market activities to this country, but also being responsible for the market in New Zeeland. However, the western part of Australia gets their Mahindra products through a third party distribution line – McIntosh Distribution, while also a third party, Carpenter Motors deal with the distribution in Fiji.


Kubota Tractors is a company based in Japan at Osaka and was founded late in the nineteenth century, in 1890. Starting with farm machines exclusive sells to the United States of America and receiving very good feedback and results, Kubota moved its headquarters in California and managed to pierce in the market in Germany, Spain, Australia, Poland and France as well.



Founded in 1944 and having the headquarters in India, at Feridabad and a production plant Escorts-tractorin Poland, the Escorts Group is a company manufacturing farm tractors which have been delivering these products under the names of Escort, Farmtrac and Powertract in more than forty countries over time.


Korean company founded in 1947 and having the headquarters in Daegu, South Korea, Daedong Tractors chose a different business name forKioti-tractor the business in North America and Europe: Kioti Tractors. A variety of farm tractors and accessories are in their products portfolio, which is extremely appreciated in North America, where they also have collaboration with over two hundred dealers.


Belarus Tractor is a product of Minsk Tractor Works. Founded in 1946, this company is located, as its name points out, in Minsk, Belarus. They managed to become one of the world’s leading agricultural machines manufacturers, having ten different production plants and managing exports to Canada and the United States of America.

 Allis Chalmers

This company founded in 1901 used to be an important manufacturer of agricultural machinery of all types, but their farming divisions were taken over by AGCO in 1990 as an outcome of the variations of industrial policies.


Sonalika is an Indian company set in motion in 1969, whose headquarters are located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. This tracSonalika-tractortor manufacturer is among the leaders in India, but also has a widely spread international business in over seventy countries, with several farm tractor brands available in their portfolio. They arranged some joint ventures with Yanmar Tractors from Japan for the tractor production in India, Claas from Germany and Renault from France for technology upgrades.


This business was started early in the nineteenth century, in a small German village, by Albert and Joseph Eicher. Later on, in the second Eicher-tractorhalf of the twentieth century, Eicher Tractor Co India was born to deal with the production of Indian farm tractors and, a while later, this division was sold to TAFE Chennai, a company from India.


Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd or, in short, TAFE is the third in a top of tractor manufacturers worldwide and, certainly, one of the main players on the tractor market in India. Their partnership with Massey Fergusson and AGCO Tractors has been successfully delivering quality products in time. Using alliances as strategy, they manage to do business in over eighty countries across the Americas and Europe.

 Indo Farm

Indo Farm is a company having the headquarters is located in India, in Baddi, Solan district, HimachIndo-Farm-tractoral Praesh and is ISO certified. Starting the production of commercial tractors in 2000, they have been involved in an active manner in manufacturing combines, harvesters, cranes and other agricultural machinery.


Following the Japanese rule to make better products than the rest, Yanmar is a Nippon company that deals with the production of agricultural and construction machines. Located at Chayamchi, Kita-Ku, Osaka, the headquarters manage a successful business which delivers high quality machinery.


AGCO is a company dealing with the production of agricultural equipment and has American oriAgco-tractorgins. They have the headquarters located at Duluth in the state of Georgia, USA and they manage a huge worldwide network which includes more than one hundred countries and over three thousand dealers. AGCO focused on customizing their machines and accessories in order to better respond to various farming necessities, boosting the productivity considerably.

Case IH

With a vast agricultural activities range in this sector, Case IH portfolio includes a consistent variety of products such as skid steers,Case-IH-tractor farm tractors and dedicated equipment for seeding, planting, tillage and harvesting activities. They have multiple locations for business across the United States of America, in Brazil, India and Austria.


The joint venture between Jiangsu Yueda Group and Mahindra & Mahindra took the name of Jinma, located in China, on the coast of the Yellow Sea.


The end of the World War I allowed the foundation of Renault Tractors, in 1919. Eighty one years later, in 2000, Renault purchased a share of 20% of an Indian farm tractors manufacturer, Sonalika Tractors.

 Massey Ferguson

Over the past few decades, Massey Ferguson confirmed they are one of the big farm tractor manufacturers. Their tractors can deal with Massey-Ferguson-tractora very wide range of requirements and farming needs. Founded in Ontario, Canada in 1847, Massey Ferguson takes the role of brand name for the also known AGCO company and owns a significant share of the business in European markets.


The American brand IH (International Harvester) used the name Farmall for labeling the tractors they manufactured. Basic purpose machines, they are targeting smaller farms and are cost effective. They were initially the products of Row Crop Tractors.


Deutz-Fahr is a German company that manufactures tractors since 1894, with a focus on machines with a consistent technological background designed for productivity enhancement. If it were to summarize these machines in just one word, this would be ‘reliable’.


Apollo Tractors are the output of Changfa Corporation. The key characteristics of these tractors are high quality and cost effectiveness when it comes to maintenance, both combined under a reliability umbrella. It is a very popular product in Asia, but it is also sold in over one hundred countries.


Avery tractors were produced by the American company with the same name, which was founded in 1891. Three decades later, they were already deep in the market for diesel tractors.

 Big Bud

Big Bud tractor has been built in Montana, in Havre since 1977 and is famous because it is known as the largest farm tractor in the whole world.


Even if founded in 1850, Bolens only launched their first tractor in 1919. In time, this company renamed to MTD Products.


Part of the AGCO corporation, Fendt come with a wide range of products, including combines, farm tractors, harvesters. They are a GerFendt-tractorman tractors manufacturer which emerged as an independent company in 1937 and only later, in 1997, became part of AGCO.

Lamborghini Tractors

An Italian manufacturer, Lamborghini was at the beginning in the tractors business towards the middle of twentieth century. As the interestLamborghini-Tractor for this type of machinery vanished, the founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini switched focus on sports cars.


This is an American company dealing with farming equipment and the tractors are only one of its branches.

Mitsubishi Japanese Tractors

The Mitsubishi’s farm tractors sales are under Mahindra Group management in present. Mitsubishi is a Japanese farm tractor manufacturer, having their headquarters in Higashizumo, Shimane, in Japan, which also got their way in the American markets as well.


Founded in 1942, SAME Deutz-Fahr is a tractor and other agricultural equipment manufacturer, based in Italy.Same-tractor


South Korean company based in Seoul, TYM Tractors was founded in 1951


Subsidiary of Foton Motors, a Chinese Company, Foton tractors are selling their tractors in India, Foton-tractorEurope, South America and ahave the headquarters in Beijing.

Fiat Italian Tractors

Fiat Group have their own branch dealing with the production of all sorts of agricultural equipment since its foundation in 1919 and is called Fiat Farm Tractors. Leading brands in the European markets, Fiat Trattori have proved their high standards over time.


Following the merging of two companies, Best and Holt, the resulting entity was called Caterpillar Tractors. This happened in 1925 and since then their focus was set on rubber tires tractors and other construction equipments, which come in various power ranges.


Branson is a tractors and farming equipment company of North American origins, selling several series of machines such as 20R series, HST series, 20C series, 00 series, 50 series, etc.


Iseki is a Japanese brand and its existence started in the year of the foundation, 1926 under the ‘birth’ name of Iseki Farm Implement TIseki-tractorrading Company. They have a portfolio with several types of machines and engines. But it was not until 1961 that they actually begin the manufacturing of tractors, which were sold ever since under brand names such as Massey Fergusson, AGCO and others.

Given the importance of taking the step of buying a farm tractor, the research is also very important prior to any decision in order to establish what’s the best brand that suits one’s needs.